Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New York, I love you?

Oh New York. The city that never sleeps, the city for dreamers. You wanna do theatre as a career you need to be in NEW YORK! Wanna be a dancer? NEW YORK!
I recently moved to New York to choreograph a show, and while I love this city and it is a dream come true to live here...it's also a lot more difficult and overwhelming than you could imagine. It's funny because people who've lived the New York life tell you this and no matter how much you listen and take it to heart, it still does not prepare you for what you'll experience.
After having a heck of a time trying to find a place I could afford out here, while making pennies on this production I'm doing, I finally found a place in West Harlem. Not the scary part, but it's definitely no San Diego or Temecula. I tend to pride myself in being a pretty tough girl and able to handle myself, but there are parts of town I purposefully avoid (especially late at night).
After hauling my two ridiculously heavy bags through the subways and streets os West Harlem, I finally made it to my building and then had to proceed carrying those 2 bags up 4 flights of stairs. It's not easy folks.
After about 2-3 days in the city you start to feel it. The loneliness. The ache in your heart for your friends, students and family back home. DO NOT sit at home alone all day during this time (mistake number 1). Even if it's just going out and walking central park, or around stores, you need to get out of the apartment. It was around this time of loneliness that I also found out the apartment I thought I was to have for 3 months, I now had to move out of in about 20 days. Awesome. Needless to say, I was stressed and not thrilled about living in NY anymore.
But thank God for supportive friends and family. Let me just say that there is no way I would have gotten through without them and their prayers and encouraging words. I've been here for about a week and there hasn't been one day where I haven't gotten a text or call just to see how I was doing. I can't tell you enough how much that helps; I am forever grateful to these incredible people.
Now I've only been here for a week so far, maybe it will get easier, maybe it won't. What I do know is that I'm getting stronger. In every way imaginable, I'm growing and pushing myself. I've moved away from home a lot and this is by far the hardest of them yet. I'm not totally sure why (I've been to NY many times, with friends and by myself. Stayed here for over a month one time), but for some reason it is so much harder this time. I don't know what God has in store for me while I'm out here, but I know it is going to be a personal journey or growth and understanding.

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