Sunday, November 1, 2009

reassurance is a blessing

for the past few weeks God has been really reassuring me of my future. i've always known what i wanted to do but i was never confident in myself to obtain that goal; God has really taught me to have faith that He will provide. He has shown me that performing is exactly what i'm supposed to do and He has been giving me more and more confidence with every opportunity He's set before me.

being able to sit in on La Jolla's Bonnie and Clyde rehearsal was the coolest thing ever, i really got to see how this process works in a professional setting. the people i met were so nice and encouraging; i felt like i was in a dream the whole time i was there.

last night i got to have a backstage tour of the civic center after i saw lion king. standing on that stage and looking out into that huge theatre made my dreams that much more real for me.

i know i'm supposed to do this. and i can't wait to give my gifts back to God on a broadway stage one day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

God is so good, he has blessed me so much recently. He has shown me is beauty in the smallest things, and it is glorious! He has given me a small taste of a small amount of his plans for me and oh man...if that is just a taste, i can't imagine how amazing the rest will be.

going through this injury has been tough, not only physically but spiritually too. the devil is trying to attack me through this, but i refuse to let him get to me. Jesus gave us control over demons, and knowing that has really helped. i just pray that this is nothing too serious. but i am so grateful to the people surrounding me with prayers and love, i don't know what i would do without all of them.